The Final Fantasy VIII fanlisting has been online since June 30, 2014 ♥

Version 1 Lion Heart features the reluctant hero of the game, Squall Leonhart. He is a man of few words so I wanted a cool and mysterious theme for the design ♪ He is featured here with his gunblade emblazoned with Griever. The design would not be complete without the game's heroine, Rinoa Heartilly - shining like an angel amongst the stars ☆

The title of the fanlisting is named after the game's opening theme song, Liberi Fatali, which is Latin for Fated Children. The story revolves around destiny and overcoming all odds to fight their fated battles, so I thought it would be a fitting title.


Final Fantasy VIII

Laguna LoireQuistis TrepeRinoa HeartillySelphie TilmittSquall & RinoaSquall Leonhart

Final Fantasy series

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